South Chiltern Team Ministry

public Jun 07, 2020

Team Ministry News

We have a new member of the Ministry Team joining us in the near future as we have successfully appointed a Missional Team Vicar who is the Revd Philip Smith, our thoughts and prayers are with him and his wife Lucy as they begin their preparations to move to join us here in the parish.

Philip has written the following to introduce himself and his wife Lucy.

Hello, we are Philip & Lucy Smith, and we are looking forward to
serving with you all sometime soon. We are both originally West
Londoners, I was born in Fulham and Lucy was made in Chelsea.
We’ve thankfully converted Lucy into supporting Fulham.
Our sons in their 30s are based in: West London, Luke, Joy and
granddaughter Aria, in Oxford James & Roseanna and expectant
baby, and in Paris, David & Alice.
Lucy’s mother lives near Biggin Hill.
We love people, sharing and getting to know a whole community
whoever they are. We both love music, family and being creative. I
taught Secondary Design & Technology for 20 years and was
ordained in 1998 having been to Oak Hill College for three years
with the whole family.
Lucy has spent 19 years working with the Diocese of Gloucester in
Pastoral Care training for churches and working in schools, and
originally trained as a nurse.
We served in the Town Centre of Cheltenham for a 5 year curacy
and then to West Cheltenham serving as a Team Vicar in a large
urban parish.
We appreciate how this season has been for everyone and we pray
for you all and especially those who may be grieving loved ones or
are anxious in these challenging times.
Keep the faith, but never ever to yourselves x
Have a good day. Philip

The South Chilterns Team Ministry was formed in 2018 and is made up of St Peter and St Paul at Stokenchurch, St Nicholas at Ibstone, Holy Trinity Church at Lane End, and Mary le Moor at Cadmore End.

The Team Rector, Reverend Mark Ackford

Facebook: here

Each church has its own website, which are detailed below.

St Peter and St Paul

St Nicholas

Holy Trinity

St Mary le Moor

SCTM website

Facebook: here

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