Our Community

We, the congregation of St Mary-le-Moor Church in Cadmore End believe that our church (the place, church community and various forms of worship) have value and meaning in this present day.  Our church is well loved in the village and surrounding area, St Mary-le-Moor is a small church with a small congregation. 

We are part of the Church of England and follow the traditions of this church, using for a large part the language, hymns and rituals of the church as adopted and developed locally. However we also aim to offer, through our services and through the buildings and churchyard, a place and a pattern of worship which will enable people from all backgrounds and of all beliefs (or none) to reflect and be renewed.  The Church is open in the daylight hours whenever it can be, and there is a place at the back of the church where people may sit, light a candle and reflect or pray. There are short booklets to read, if required. The churchyard is also a place where people may sit and reflect, as well as visit their loved ones. The parish includes a Church Primary School of approx. 80 pupils who regularly use the church. The villagers actively support the church through in a variety of fundraising events and by caring for the church yard.


Thank you so much for your financial support.  St Mary-le-Moor Church – now part of the South Chiltern Team Ministry – has a small loyal congregation whose purpose is to hold varied forms of worship, to minister to community and surrounding areas, to bring God’s love to a busy and sometimes unstable world.

Our Church is well loved and cared for by a small team, we encourage giving by regular members, if you would like to share our vision by giving you can do this by:

1.     Regularly giving through a standing order and gift aiding that money if it is appropriate.  Download our Giving Formhere.

2.   Set up a standing order, direct with your bank using online banking. Use a reference like ‘gift aid donation’.

3.   One off donations can be made to Cadmore End PCC (or St Mary le Moor Church) Account:  30-94-28 01432358

4.   On Sundays.: When the offering is taken.

5.    Give.net https://www.give.net/20216260

Our Treasurer Sarah will be happy to answer any queries you may have about giving treasurer@cadmoreend.org.uk

For more information, please get in touch with us on our Contact page.

St Mary-le-Moor Church, Cadmore End Vision Statement 2022

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