The churchyard is also a place where people may sit and reflect, as well as visit their loved ones.The churchyard is well kept and cared for by volunteers from the village to maintain for the use for burials and interment of ashes.

A map of the plots in the grave yard is available in the church.

We would request that families follow the regulations:

1.  A residential connection is required for interment in the churchyard and the location of a grave or cremation memorial tablet has to be agreed with the Vicar on behalf of the PCC.

2.  The design, material and construction of memorial headstones and tablets must comply with the detailed specifications in the full churchyard regulations (copy available from the Vicar or PCC secretary) and a contract (agreement form) entered into between the legal personal representative of the deceased and the PCC for authorisation by the Vicar.

3. Some extracts from the regulations:

  • Individual gardens, fencing, stone chippings or shrubs are not permitted
  • No plastic or artificial flowers are permitted
  • Toys or similar ornaments may be left only for a period of 12 months
  • Lights of any sort are not permitted
  • Cremation memorial tablets should be set low (to allow mowing) and holes or individual flower holders are not permitted.
  • Diocesan regulations
The old grave area now sectioned of as a wildlife area

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