Pat's Poems

news Dec 18, 2022


See the star up in the sky
what can it mean for you and I
Does it foretell a special birth
That could lead to peace on earth

Angels told the shepherds so
said today that you must go
find your way  to that manger
protect that child from any danger

The greatest story ever told
gifts of frankincense and gold
wisemen who knew it was to be
but what does it mean for you and me

2000 years since Jesus came
millions of people praise his name
tell and retell the virgin birth
how God’s son was born on earth

So this year as we kneel to pray
especially on Christmas day
ask the world the west & east
to invite Christ to the share the feast

Then maybe all conflict cease
the universe could live in peace
when I am sure was God’s plan
when that child was born a man

So when sat at your Christmas table
include the one born in a stable
if you do then you will see
what it means to you and me

By Pat Plumridge

Tanya Sims

Church Warden

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