October News 2020

news Oct 16, 2020

September;  “The season of mists and mellow fruitfulness” according to Keats the English romantic poet. It could hardly be described as such this last w/e ( 26th/27thSept,) with that bitterly cold North wind it was more like early January, though to be fair at the time of writing ( Tuesday 29th ) it has returned to more recognisable September weather. Sadly though the swallows have all long departed….the nights are noticeably darker earlier, and most people have the heating on. Oh well it will soon be Spring…

On a similar theme has anyone wondered about the amount of acorns and berries this year…particularly along the Track towards the pond.  Apparently this is a “Mast” year.

“Mast” is the term used to describe the fruit of forest trees such as acorns and beech seeds. “A Mast year” is when the trees that produce these fruits have a bumper crop and produce much more fruit than they normally would.

For more explanation; https://www.woodlandtrust.org.uk/blog/2017/10/autumn-is-back/


Welcome to the Village to Lilli May already an the honorary Cadmore Ender who has moved into Bill’s cottage “ Little Oxford”.   Also to Neil Calow who will be moving into 'Chiltern Cottage' when his renovations/restorations, which seem to be progressing with impressive speed, are complete.  We wish them both a very warm welcome and a happy, productive and successful time in Cadmore End.

Rackley’s Farm Development Update:

Several people from the Village and Cadmore Common joined the WDC Zoom meeting on Monday 14th Sept. Paul Nicholas ( resident ) & Ian McEnnis (Local Councillor ) spoke convincingly in opposition to what appear to be creeping application plans but it seems alas to be a “ done deal ”.  As far as can be established LEPC have not opposed the plans. Watch this space.

Ride & Stride:

Congratulations to Meg Knight &n Pat Plumridge who it seems were the only ones  from the Village who took part in this year’s Ride & Stride? Meg’s ride took in 10 local churches starting from Cadmore End then progressing to Stokenchurch and on into Oxon. Reports were that Pat completed similar. ( No first hand report ) Thank you both for your contributions to Church Funds .

Forthcoming Events:

15thOctober 8.00 pm - Annual Church meeting in the Church.

18thOctober  11.00 a.m - Harvest Festival.  Rev Mark Ackford. Please bring tins etc & fresh produce . The One Can Trust have requested donations of tins and fresh produce.

Nov 8th  - 10.50 Remembrance Sunday. Rev Peter Viney.

One Can Collection:

Thanks to all who give… .and continue to give… to the One Can Collection. It is collected every Friday morning from the church porch and taken to the ultra-efficient distribution point in High Wycombe. From their website “In some areas of Buckinghamshire 1 in 3 children live in poverty. Providing food to those who find themselves in times of crisis brings hope and relieves pressure on other services.” With winter fast approaching contributions are needed more than ever.

Tanya Sims

Church Warden

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