Cadmore February News

news Feb 05, 2021

‘Remember when we used to have “ Proper” Winters like this ? This was taken in December 2010. Having said that congratulations to whoever built the spectacular snowman on the Cricket Field after recent snow.  ( Jan 24th )

“One Can” Donations;

Many thanks to all who continue to generously donate to the One Can Collections ( collected weekly on Fridays  a.mfrom church porch ). Having witnessed the organisation at first hand at the distribution point in High Wycombe it is a highly impressive operation staffed entirely by volunteers. These same volunteers continue to distribute to those in need all day, 5 days a week, throughout High Wycombe.

Vaccines Update.

Many of us in the Village have now received their first vaccination jab, mostly at Lunar House in Marlow. Some at Adams Park. High Wycombe. ( do bear in mind how many of us are in the “ qualifying” age bracket … ). From all accounts this has been…and still is… a most impressive, well organised operation.


Health warning; “Scientists have now confirmed that women who have put on weight during lockdown

are likely to live longer than the men who mention it.”

Surgery of hedge behind Blacksmith’s Cottage.

As many will have no doubt have noticed (?) some serious renovation has been carried out on the hedge behind Blacksmith’s Cottage, together with a v. impressive bonfire ( all traces since removed and little or no leftovers discernible )

From all reports this has made a huge difference to the amount of light in both Blacksmith’s Cottage and near neighbours.

Hope for all “Non Gardeners” Sightings of some of Britain’s best- loved garden birds have fallen according to a recent report in The Times because of “overly tidy gardening”. “That’ll be why I spotted a nightjar, 3 Kestrels and a white-tailed eagle in mine” says Giles Coren .

If like many of us you are suffering from Cabin Fever and the effects of Lock Down do not despair. Hanger Wood will soon look like this again

Tanya Sims

Church Warden

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