December News

news Dec 19, 2020

The Annual Act of Remembrance. November 11th was kindly presided over by Rev Peter Viney. This year it was held outside in front of the Church Porch in order to observe the recommended Social Distancing.

Over 30 Villagers gathered to pay their respects in remembrance of those who made the ultimate sacrifice. It was good to welcome familiar faces from Ibstone, Watlington and Bolter End.  As we were not allowed to sing Rev Peter Viney made up for it with a whole-hearted, impressive solo rendering of “ Abide with me ”.

Unfortunately, while the Unknown Warrior played his part faultlessly in Westminster Abbey regrettably the same could not be said of the publicised solo playing of “The Last Post” by The Unknown Bugler. After performing faultlessly in rehearsals come the Big Day he/ (she?) was evidently overcome by a combination of 1st night nerves and the significance of the occasion. After a few nervous notes he/she subsided ignominiously never to be heard from again……….!

Thank you to Gerald & Janet Sharpe for preparing and creating the Garden of Remembrance with miniature crosses. Also for strimming the surrounds.

Christmas Church Services;

December. 13th. 11.00    Matins .                              Lay lead by Tanya Sims

20th  11.00     Holy Communion.             Rev Peter Viney (cancelled)

24th    6.00pm Carol Service. See below.   Rev Mark Ackford (cancelled)

It is proposed that we hold an outdoor ( weather dependent ) Carol Service in the churchyard in front of the Porch. This will enable us to sing carols (not permitted indoors under the present restrictions ).  Rev Mark will conduct a shortened Carol Service with at least some of the traditional carols. Peter Sims has kindly offered to floodlight the exterior and with candles etc we will aim to create a Christmas atmosphere. This is intended to give us all a chance to celebrate something of a traditional, Covid-defying… Christmas Service while observing the necessary restrictions. Torches & coats advisable.

Please note there will regrettably be no House to House Carol singing this year.

25th  11.00 Christmas Day Service  with Holy Communion.      

Rev Peter Viney (cancelled).

In order that we recognise Social Distancing in the church only every other pew will be in use. Also restricted numbers in those that are being used. We therefore ask families to sit in a “family bubble ”  all in one pew and to observe the recommended distancing in the other pews. Sadly no singing!

Proposed Removal of pews at back of the church.

It is proposed that some of the pews at the back of the church should be removed in order to create a more flexible space at the back of the church.  It is intended that this will become a “community space” for coffee mornings and the like, a possible history display space etc and a way of creating more room around the Font for Christenings. If anyone within the Community has serious objections please voice your concerns to a member of the DCC.

Jack “Frightenum” Butler. RIP 1846-1936

Thank you to Dick Bates for unearthing this interesting piece of Cadmore End history re former Cadmore Ender  Jack “Frightenum” Butler.  The Hermit of Cadmore End ( see link). Jack’s grave and headstone can be seen in the NE corner of the churchyard. ( the corner nearest the Cricket Pavilion).


Church Wall Ivy & interior.

Over the years the North wall has become seriously overgrown with invasive ivy which if left would over time have caused serious damage. David Hewitt personally undertook to strip it all off.  Many thanks on behalf of the Church. While on the subject of the Church thanks also to the working party who helped carry out a delayed, but very necessary, “Spring Clean” of the interior at the beginning of the month. Though as we know the church has been little-used throughout the past months on account of the virus restrictions the spiders and other insects had used this time as a welcome opportunity to run rife.

Cadmore End School;

Cadmore school is looking for new Governors ideally with “Business &Marketing expertise”

If you wish to apply please get in touch with the School. phone 01494 881460.

While on the subject of the school Jenny Coyle, the School Secretary, is currently in Hospital recovering from an operation for cancer. We all wish her well, a prompt return home and a speedy recovery.

Barbara North.

The latest news we have of Barbara is that she has been in Aylesbury Care Home. She is expected to be there another 2 weeks. She is reportedly quite happy but her son Vincent is unable to visit her at present. We all wish her well (very!).

“UK sees fifth wettest October since 1862”. One thing for certain is that October 2020 & November will be remembered for being exceptionally wet for some areas of the UK. Witness the unusual number of different fungi around the cricket field. The track running down behind South Fields is already a muddy morass. It’s difficult to believe that as little as 2 months ago is was bone hard.

One Can Collection.

The One Can Collections continue with collections from the Church Porch every Friday morning.

These are delivered to the Collection point in High Wycombe. Having witnessed the team at work this is a highly impressive, well-organised , operation which delivers daily to the poor and needy of High Wycombe of which there are a depressing number……

Tanya Sims

Church Warden

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