news Mar 03, 2024

The Church of St. Mary Le Moor – March Services & Events

Sun. 3rd March 11.00 a.m. Holy Communion - Rev. Mark Ackford
Sun. 10th March (Mothering Sunday) 11.00 a.m. Holy Communion
The church will follow the time honoured tradition of giving out small flower posies to all at the service. Rev. Lucy Austin

Sun. 17th March 11.00 a. m. Holy Communion -Rev. Peter Viney
Sun. 24th March (Palm Sunday) 11.00 a.m. Holy Communion - Rev. Mark Ackford

Sun. 31st March (Easter Day) 11.00 p.m.Holy Communion- Rev. Philip Smith

Future Events - During Lent each Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. for 8:00 p.m., as part of St Mary-Le-Moor Lent observance, Carolyn Lambourne will expertly lead a short reflection and discussion on "The Land, its peoples and stories from the Old Testament" expressed though art, followed by compline.
Tues 5th March 10.30 to noon - Coffee & Chat and Bring & Buy in the Church.

Friday 29 March (Good Friday) - Walk and refreshments hosted by Holy Trinity, Lane End.
Start 2 p. m. Lane End Church. Details of route to be advised in Church and on Notice Boards.
Future church concerts – discussions are underway to hold a variety of concerts (classical guitar, original folk duo and the Marlow Ukulele Group) in late spring, at the end of June and before Christmas.

St Mary le Moor Church

Planning - a reminder from our Secretary David Hewitt:
(1) Cricket Field - The cricket club is believed to be currently consulting with a firm of architects to prepare plans for a re-submission of its cricket pitch planning application.
(2) Dog Training Facility - The Post Box paddock dog training facility has now received planning approval. A meeting was held on site with the owner and a number of villagers to discuss their concerns regarding road safety and noise. The facility is due to open around May.
(3) Chequers Lane - Planning application for 5 homes on part of the Chequers Lane equestrian centre in Cadmore End is receiving many objections from nearby residents.

Community Matters Foodbank, Trinity Church, Lane End - Barbara Ewing, Community Matters organiser, latest message: “We now have 26 Lane End families. The items we especially need for foodbank for 15 March (collected from our church at 10.00 a.m.) are:
tea hot dogs pot noodles tuna fish tins of fruit (pineapple, fruit cocktail, peaches, pears) custard/rice pudding tins of potatoes peas and carrots fresh sliced white bread

+ Easter chocolate always welcome”.

Other matters

Church bonfire site - Another reminder from our Secretary - would residents please avoid placing anything on the Church bonfire site? There will be an update on the issue of fires in the churchyard following the discussion to be held at the next village AGM.
The Churchyard – The team from the “Community Payback Scheme” plus a supervisor have moved on from decorating in the Village Hall to tidy-up jobs in the churchyard on Thursday mornings. To date they have edged paths and cleared wind blown branches.

Merry Mowers are needed from April/May to cut churchyard grass. It is hoped that we can re-form the ideal group of 6 volunteer Mowers with 3 working alternate months throughout the summer. Please contact Clifford -
Nave Roof Project – works goes apace as (1) measured drawings of the church have been commissioned; (2) dates for the Bat survey have ben agreed (3) a conservation specialist has been engaged to mange the nave roof's retiling and stonework repairs; (4) Peter Jennings granddaughter has agreed to make a short video to assist with further grant application; and (5) an application for a grant has been submitted to Lane End Parish Council.

Tanya Sims

Church Warden

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