Cadmore End News March 2021

news Mar 06, 2021

Who Dunnit?!  We were all delighted to receive a spring pot plant on our doorstep early in February. A real lockdown pick up. Our thanks to the anonymous donor(s) and one day we hope to solve the mystery of who it was.

Cricket Field   Our thanks to Angus Edgley, Kensham Farm for a really professional cut of the hedges round the Cricket Field, kindly carried out free of charge.  Also, a welcome sign of spring was the groundsmen from the Wormsley Estate attending the square.

Peter Wright R I P  Sadly Peter, who lived in the cottage next to The Old Ship passed away in the Stoke Mandeville Hospice after a spell in hospital.  Prior   to being taken to hospital, the Smiths from nearby Elm Cottage gave him considerable support as did Sarah Maxwell and his family.  Known to some as “Tall Story Pete” he was a live music enthusiast (gigs!) and pub lover.  He will be missed by neighbours, friends and family.

Church We look forward to welcoming a new team vicar, the Reverend Philip Smith who will be moving in to the Vicarage in Lane End during March.  This will bring the team under the leadership of our Rector Mark up to strength.

The church remains open every day for private prayer with Covid protocols in place. We await advice when services in church can recommence.  The benefice Sunday 9.30am Service continues on Zoom.

Ayres There used to be a lot with this surname in this Parish. If you know a relative of Gladys Emily Ayres and William Charles Ayres who have a gravestone that needs attention please email the church at the address below or advise a PCC member.

Foodbank Donations   Your generous donations to the One Can Trust in High Wycombe have been gratefully received. Their latest weekly report says they were supporting 480 people of which 188 were children which is more than double the number pre covid in March 2020.

From now, we will be sharing our food donations between the Lane End Foodbank (Community Matters) who will be getting one week’s donations each month with the One Can Trust getting the other weeks. Their requirements are similar and both have added fresh vegetables to their want list as well as the non-perishables.

Please continue to put food donations in the collection crate in the church porch each Thursday or before 10.00am on Friday.  The delivery for Lane End will be on the first Friday of each month.

Tanya Sims

Church Warden

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