Cadmore End News July 2023

news Nov 02, 2023

Village Hall Redecoration; Many thanks to all who gave up their morning….and in some cases their afternoon as well…to painting the interior of the Village Hall on Saturday 17th June. The Village Hall interior had for some time been looking in much-needed “TLC” (last decorated??) and with new paint and change of colours the Hall now looks immaculate, almost better than new! Our thanks go to Andrew Macaulay for preparation and organisation and of course to his team of capable volunteer-decorators. A massive improvement. For further details of the Village Hall, its history, booking & charges please see

Church Services July.

July 2nd.​​11.00 Holy Communion    Rev Lucy Austin    ​

July 9th               11.00 Holy Communion    Rev Lucy Austin.

July 16th              11.00 Holy Communion    Rev Mark Ackford

July 23rd             11.00 Holy Communion and Baptism   Rev Mark Ackford

July 30th            10.30 United Benefice Service. St Mary Le Moor. Rev M. Ackford which is “Rural Fellowship Sunday”.  The service will be followed by a BBQ in garden of the Vicarage at Stokenchurch from 12 noon.

Musical Picnic.  July 2nd   A most enjoyable and successful “Musical Picnic” in aid of The Church Roof Fund, with lively music provided by “Against all Odds” Covers Band, was held on the grass area outside The Village Hall on a chilly Sunday evening July 2nd. It was enjoyed by well-over 50 Cadmore Enders together with many welcome and familiar faces from further afield. Initial profit from Ticket Sales & Raffle=£652 for The Roof Fund (this before profit from bar Sales). We are indebted to both Lacey’s Farm for their £25 voucher and to the Band who generously donated a portion of their fee. Thanks also to all who contributed to the success of the evening in many different ways, but particularly to Tanya for organising the event

Congratulations. Belated congratulations to Ollie & Rebecca (“Chiltern Hills House”) at the birth of Ralph. It is reassuring and very welcome to have a new baby in the (ageing?) Village. We wish the family every happiness.

Community Matters=Lane End Food Bank; July 7th & 21st. Please leave your donations in the Church in the Church before 10.00 a.m on Friday after which timethey will be collected and delivered to Lane End

Graves’ Census. Acknowledgement and thanks to Nora Hayes & Dick Bates for their painstaking work identifying all the burials carried out in the graveyard since the Church was established in1851. Evidently there have been several attempts over the years… none of which have been completed. Some graves are marked…others not. Nora & Dick are therefore “working to the burial registers in order to identify and list them for future reference so that visitors will have access to the List” They recognise that it is “a big job” but hope to “keep up to date on each burial and lists as it happens…..” Respect.

Tanya Sims

Church Warden

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