Cadmore End News February 2023

news Feb 04, 2023

Music a La Carte;

Over 40 Parishioners from Cadmore End and surrounding area attended a most enjoyable “Music a La Carte” Concert in the church on Saturday 28th February. We were treated to an evening of eclectic music some classical, some popular and some “requests” by a most enthusiastic trio (Piano/Tenor/Soprano) who put a lie to the theory that that it is not possible to sing in the cold ( it was!...despite the Boiler working overtime); they also disproved any doubts about the acoustics in the Church. It was a most enjoyable, successful evening greatly enhanced by the charm, enthusiasm, and professionalism of the Trio; (they were, after all, professionals). We hope we may be able to invite them back in warmer weather. After all costs had been deducted over £350 was raised for the Church Roof. Many thanks to all who contributed…in whatever way… to a successful evening.


As many Villagers will already be aware Neil Callow had a van broken into recently in the garden at “5 Oaks” (The new house opp Village Hall) …In broad daylight.. at 0930hrs in the morning! Be aware……..

Church Services February.

5th Feb.     11.00 Holy Communion.     Rev Mark Ackford

12th Feb.   11.00 Holy Communion. Baptism of Hunter Thomas. Rev Peter Viney

19th Feb    11.00 Holy Communion. Rev Lucy Austin

22nd Feb    7.00 pm Ash Wednesday Service. Holy Trinity Lane End. Rev Mark Ackford

26th Feb     11.00 Holy Communion. Rev Philip Smith

Coffee Morning.

10.30-12.00 St Mary Le Moor, Tuesday 7th Feb

Community Matters;

Delivery dates for February are Fridays 3rd and 17th.  Leave in the Church or Church Porch on Thursday before or up to 10am on the Friday.

Delivery dates for March are Fridays 3rd, 17th (NB Mothering Sunday 19th. ), and 31st.

Tanya Sims

Church Warden

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