Nave Roof Project Appeal

Cadmore End Jan 25, 2024


As a community, we have been looking at ways to encourage the community spirit across all aspects of village life. In parallel, our church quinquennial reports of 2008, 2012 and 2018 reiterated the need to undertake significant repairs especially to the chancel and nave roofs. The chancel roof and adjacent stonework repairs were completed in 2017 using generous bequest, grants and some church reserves.

How far have we come? What have we achieved to improve the building, to make it more fit for use for all potential visitors and users, to insure that our 170-year-old church is around for generations to come. The church, together with the village (church) hall, is a key asset for all; we are looking to make our building more flexible so that it can be a community hub as well as a place of worship.

The three phases of the project:

1. Critical aspects to our project: to retile and insulate the nave roof and repair the external stonework. The 2018 report reiterated that the nave roof, in particular the ‘north slope, has suffered from continued deterioration and is in need of complete stripping and recovering.The established cement mortar fillets are showing signs of deterioration, (for example there is a missing section of the mortar fillet to the lower end of the South slope adjacent to the West gable. It is most probable that the nave and chancel roofs are not insulated.’

Further bequests, donations, grants and church fundraising have raised £150,000. But we still need to find a further £40,000 in order to processed with the nave roof repairs.

2. Proposed improvements to the church that we are considering:

• To upgrade the heating system with environmental considerations to reduce energy consumption (£20,000)

3. Smaller projects completed:

• Two pews have been removed in the quiet space, meeting area

• A moveable ramp has been purchased to improve disabled access

• The lighting throughout the church has been upgraded to energy saving LED

• A donated sound system and hearing loop has been installed.

Our current focus is to complete the critical phase one of the project, making the church weatherproof, protected and insulated.
The chancel project provided us with the necessary experience to manage church.

The committed team of skilled volunteers who have been regularly meeting to oversee all aspects the whole project’s implantation. Generous donations from the local community have allowed some of the next phases to move forward in a minor ways.

How you can help us

If you are able to help us safeguard our beautiful church, please contact Mrs Sarah Blythe by email for further information. Cheques should be made payable to- Cadmore End PCC (or St. Mary Le Moor Church where it will be directed to the Nave Roof Appeal Fund.

Bank transfer to Account number: 01432358  Sort code: 30-94-28

Tanya Sims

Church Warden

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