Nave roof project: implementing the churches vision

news Jun 18, 2020

Implementing our vision
Going forward these are the intentions some of which will require additional funding:

  1. To develop a space at the rear of the church by removing pews to allow – an improved display about church history; improved details of the churchyard; to create a bigger space for exhibitions on church and historical village themes; and improve the quiet space with a better space for helpful books.
  2. To strip insulate and re-tile the nave roof
  3. To repair the external stonework
  4. To improve the disabled access and facilities for wheelchair users
  5. To consider installing a hearing loop system
  6. To consider installing a sound system to facilitate concerts
  7. To consider an alternative source of heating for shorter events
  8. Evaluating a sustainable ecological heating system to re-instate the oil fired boiler when it comes to replacing it
  9. To consider install a Solar PV project on the hall roof

Potential challenges and how we hope to overcome them:
• Sourcing funds from local, regional and national charities and business and possibly individual donations.’
• Identifying individuals in the community and externally who have the expertise to advice and manage the individual projects and the overall implementation of the vision through to its conclusion.
• To be clear about the priorities so that an achievable timeline can be created.

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